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Application over stain                  Excellent                                        Excellent

Application over all wood                 Yes                                               NO

Application Methods                     Brush & applicators                   Brush & applicators

Finish Flow                                   Excellent                                  Good to Excellent

Residential, Commercial, Gyms          All                                          Residential

Cleanup of applicator                        Water                                     Laccer Thinner

Abrasion Test                                  Superior                                    Good

Able to recoat                                Yes if cleaned properly                  Same

Maintenance                                  Damp mop water & vinegar            Same

Non Toxic                                       Non Toxic                                  Very Toxic

Non Flammable                               Non Flammable                          Very Flammable

Recoating High wear areas                 4-6 years                                      3-5 years

Swedish finish is a very toxic and flammable finish. Diamondlac Waterborne finish is non toxic and non flammable. In the last 20 years of apply both finishes, Diamondlac Waterborne finish has held up longer than the Swedish. Diamondlac Waterborne finish is the choice of 90% of our customers. There is no price differnce between the two.

Swedish finish and Diamondlac Waterborne finsih both look very similar with the exception being over red. With Swedish the red tones are more noticable at first . As the Swedish ages the red tones will become slightly subdued like the waterbase. The Swedish will yellow more as it ages, the Diamondlac Waterborne finish will not yellow as much. Most people can not tell the difference between the two finishes.