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Here at Lundwick and Brown Hardwood Floors, all we do is Hardwood Flooring. This means through our Quality and service commitments, we are willing and able to deliver what other companies can not or will not. We are handcrafters of hardwoods- beautiful durable wooden surfaces. Our craftspeople are much more than skilled laborers of other companies. Our craftspeople have the experience, skill, quality mindedness, integrity and toughness to do it right for as a homeowner you deserve. 

We know that many of our competitors call their jobs done with less than half of what we put in our process. Lundwick and Brown Hardwood Floors has been around for Over 86 years in the State of Washington. We have accomplished this by giving our customers a quality job every time, no compromising, no cutting corners, no sub contractors, just a first rate quality job each and every time!

Lundwick and Brown Hardwood Floors has a reputation for quality hardwood floors that can not be equaled by another company in the business today. What makes our company different is our floor mechanics. We have the best flooring mechanics in the industry to date. Other floor companies require a certain amount square footage to be done a day which compromises quality. For a floor mechanic to make a living wage, he would have to cut corners to produce those results. This is not the way to do it right and produce a quality job that lasts! We only require one thing from our floor mechanics is to do it right every time. We at Lundwick and Brown Hardwood Floors take a great deal of pride in our quality craftsmanship. We will Not compromise our reputation for a cheap, fast job. Quality is the only way to retain our customers today!

We are a family run business and our employees are very important to us and the success of our business. Here at Lundwick and Brown Hardwood Floors we have a combined of over 125 years of experience in the hardwood flooring industry! No one exceeds our experience in knowledge and craftsmanship