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Do I have to move out of my home during the process?

** It depends on what type of finish you choose. It also depends on how much of the house we are doing. If you choose the Swedish finish, you will need to be out of the housethe last 2-3 days. Swedish finish is very toxic, it will kill house plants and animals. If you choose the Diamondlac Waterborne finish, you will not have to move out. It is Non Toxic.

Will the stains in my floors come out when you sand them?

** Urine stains (which are usually black to dark brownin color) and rust stains from nails will usually not come out of the hardwood. These can be repaired by patching. Stains from water and spills most likely sand out.

If I choose a stain color, will it cost more money?

** No, staing form us is no extra charge unless you ask for soemthing out of ordinary.

How do I choose my stain color?

Choosing a stain color is done during the sanding process. The floor mechanic will let you know when you need to be on the jobsite to choose your custom color.

Do I have to be home for work to be done?

** No, we often work on the jobsite while the homeowners are either at work or on vacation. We can make arrangements to pick up a key or have a neighbor or someone else let us in. If you are having your floor stained, you will need to come by at some point to pick color. If you will be out of town, we can set up a time before job start to choose your color.

When can I move my furniture and rugs back?

** Once the final coat has been applied, we reccommend waiting two days before you move your furniture back. Area carpets should be left off the floors for a few weeks depending on which finish you use.

What kind of guarantee is there on your work?

** All our workmanship is guaranteed for 2 years.

Why should I choose Lundwick and Brown Hardwood Floors?

** Be cause we take pride and love our work and because of that we have been around since 1928. We are without any doubt the most knowledgable and offer the highest quality workmanship in the business today. No other company exceeds our quality jobs. We have earned a reputation for being the best Hardwood Floor Company in business today. We are a family run businessand our employees are very important to us.