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The difference between a Lundwick and Brown Hardwood Floors job and the other floor companies job:

1. When installing a new floor we use more nails than anyone else. We dont skip nail the floor for speed. We always mark the floor joists and nail to them. Most other companies will skip nail and not mark the joists which will cause future problems.

2. When sanding a new floor or refinishing a rough or slightly cupped floor, we always sand the floor at a 45 degree angle to get it flat first. Almost no other company does this step.

3. We always sand the floor 3-4 times. This will give you a longer lasting floor and will be flat. Most other companies will sand only twice to get the job done faster and save on labor, this is why they wear out in a few years. Our floors last longer than other companies.

4. We always give the stain and finish to dry properly. A quality long lasting finish will require 2-3 days to apply and dry properly. We will also not mix finishes for quicker drying.

The above info gives you an idea why your floor is being completed in a couple days and our floors take a bit longer.A true quality job cant be rushed. If you want a fast and cheap low quality job, you will get what you paid for and that isnt us. We have been around since 1928 by not lowering our standards to those fast and cheap jobs.

Your hardwoods deserve better. You are paying for someone to take the time and effort to give you that quality job you expect and not worry to get the job done fast to get to that next job. Our floor mechanics are important and valuable to us and we believe they are the best in the business today.